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Statement from Chairperson

Dóchas Midwest Autism Support

  • is a standalone, independent, voluntary organisation with its own Board of Directors and governance policies.
  • is a child centred organisation and provides weekly support to over 80 children and their families
  • receives funding through a grant aid agreement from the HSE however we rely substantially on the generosity of the many people and companies that support our fundraising efforts.
  • the Clubs we operate are at maximum capacity and we have always endeavoured to incrementally increase our services over the last number of years. Unfortunately it is not possible to make places available to all of the families who seek those places.  This is something that as an organisation we are keenly aware of and we are constantly working on ways to increase the number of places we can offer.
  • All Directors of our organisation act in a voluntary capacity and are unpaid.
  • Directors are not paid consultancy fees, expenses or any other indirect payments.
  • None of the Directors are employed in the organisation.
  • The organisation is governed in full compliance with our Memorandum and Articles of Association per the Companies Acts.
  • All Board members are registered as Directors with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and with the Charities Regulatory Authority.
  • The organisation produces independently audited accounts for each financial year. These accounts are scrutinised by the Board prior to approval. Copies of our financial accounts are then lodged with the Companies Registration Office per our filing obligations.
  • The organisation is up to date with all fillings to the Charities Regulatory Authority.
  • The organisation is fully compliant and up to date with all returns to the Revenue Commissioners under the terms of our grant of charitable status.

On behalf of myself and my fellow Directors I want to assure all of those who help Dóchas Midwest Autism Support that the Board of Directors place huge importance on the good governance of the organisation.  We are fully compliant with all of the rules and regulations governing the charitable sector and we are fully up to date with our fillings to the Revenue Commissioners, CRO and the Charities Regulatory Authority.

Denis Doherty,

Chair & Director, Dóchas Midwest Autism Support/Hope for People with Autism CLG

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Dóchas Midwest Autism Support was established by parents in 1997 in response to the need for an organisation to represent the needs of people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Mid-West region. The charity supports children, young adults and their families.

14 Parnell Street, Limerick